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Gift wrapping just got easy. 

HappyWrap is a patent pending, custom fit wrapping paper that we can't wait for you to reap the benefits from.  


  • Environmentally Responsible - Do your part and save the planet one gift at a time. Traditional gift wrapping methods simply just waste paper.
  • Time Saver - Traditional gift wrapping methods are time consuming. Wrap a packages faster giving you time back in your day to get to whatever else you need to accomplish.  No scissors required. 
  • 100% Customizable - Enhance the gift giving experience and create your own custom HappyWrap design.  Both inside and out.
  • Save Money - Stop buying extra rolls of wrapping paper. Buy the quantity of HappyWrap for the exact amount of packages you need to wrap.
  • 100% Predictable - Your gift or package will look the same way, every time, just like you want your gift or package to look when delivered to the recipient. Every. Single. Time. Guaranteed.
  • Grow Your Brand - Show your customers how appreciated they really are. Separate yourself from the pack and increase customer satisfaction by blowing away your customers upon delivery. Ask us how else we can help build your brand!